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— About Niall Flynn
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I've fifteen years inside-out, top to bottom finance sector experience on both sides of the planet.


I understand ‘zero margin for error’

Few sectors are as complex, risk-averse, and volatile as financial services. I’ve spent most of my career designing, implementing, and managing operations solutions fit for our exacting environment.

Before launching Consider-it Consulting, I spent four successful years in the investment operations team at global investment managers Magellan.

I specialise in robust, intelligently automated workflows that are intuitive and engaging for humans, even those who aren’t naturally tech-savvy.

Top Takeaway

Your business is in safe hands. I bring a grounded, collaborative, human-centred approach to refining systems and software-intensive operations.

Reduce my risk


I’m software agnostic

Consider-it isn’t affiliated with any major software or systems provider.

I start with honest actionable advice aimed at enhancing your operations by working with what you’ve got.

Where I believe your best solution involves changing or upgrading software, I’ll provide 100% transparent recommendations tailored to your operational needs, culture, and budget.

Top Takeaway

You’ll get impartial advice and made-to-measure workflows that work like a charm for everyone anywhere, any time.

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I’m curious about how we tick

My first foray into how humans and systems connect gave me an Honours Degree in Economics.

En route from Dublin to Sydney, I took the long way round. I immersed myself in new cultures and appreciated plenty of different perspectives.

I’m an avid reader of history, philosophy and literature, and a lifelong fan of good films and blues music.

Top Takeaway

Harmonising your systems and your people is crucial to keeping a competitive edge. Choose a consultant who’s curious, inventive and an ace at working with your team and your technology.

Give me human centred help

I build wildly efficient, adaptive, scaleable solutions that shred your risks and streamline your functionality.