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Get practical support from a financial services sector professional with a decade of actual operations experience.

Get practical support from a financial services sector professional as a decade of actual operations experience.

— How I help

Projects and change

Complexity simplified, workflows streamlined, better business processes built, software issues assessed and sorted.

Let’s automate intelligently and hand your humans back to your clients.

New projects shepherded from start to finish, rogue projects rescued, stalled ones kickstarted.

Operations audits

You suspect your technology’s not supporting peak performance.
Maybe your data’s lurking in 100 hard-to-find places.
Perhaps legacy processes are devouring priceless hours.
Maybe technology’s holding you back, or perhaps it’s the way you work with it.
Either way, I’ll find out and figure out how to fix it.


Business systems have a lot in common with freeways.
There are complex intersections, speed bumps, roadblocks, and deviations.

Even the most skilfully automated operations have pain points where things can go awry.
I specialise in releasing pain points. In over a decade of managing financial services operations, I have seen and sorted pretty much anything that can go wrong.

When your solution hits a glitch or looks like it’s heading into risky territory, I’ll be there.


My job’s done the minute we see that your solution’s working smoothly.
Now you’ve seen what I can do; if you’d like to continue working with me, we can discuss that.

I partner with people whose teams trust me to:

  • Hit the ground running whenever they need urgent advice or timely interventions
  • Keep coming up with creative, cost-effective ways to enhance their operations
  • Never bill them for a nano-second that didn’t make a measurable difference

— Solutions I've found

Workflows and change

How to streamline the foundation of your ETF workflow

An agile Microsoft Power Platform-driven solution for an ETF service provider (and anyone else keen to source, transform and deliver data in an instant)

Consider-it recently guided one of APAC’s leading specialist Fund Administrators through enhancing their PCF calculation solution while resolving their knotty workflow along the way.

The result? A scalable, transparent, cost-effective solution that went way beyond solving the problem du jour. My client is set up with a flexible, intuitive, low-code solution that can accommodate change, rise to future challenges and keep unnecessary risk at bay.

Technology Transformation

How Consider-it supported a dynamic fund manager to revamp its investment operations using Microsoft’s Power Platform

Equipping a top Investment Operations team with the tools to stay agile and ahead of the game

Niall was thorough, flexible, and efficient in delivering solutions that further enhanced our processes. The thoughtfulness of the Consider-it approach has meant that we have been able to be self-sufficient in maintaining and building upon the solutions post-implementation.

Head of Investment Operations

Projects and change

Seamless integration of an acquired fund manager’s investment operations and trading functions

Eight challenges to merging two well-established environments

A Fund Manager trading in global equities acquires a Fund Manager trading exclusively in Australian equities.

We explored multiple merging scenarios. Then we envisaged our ideal result and worked back from there.

We prioritised long-term results over ‘quick fix’ operational changes and did the heavy lifting to lay solid foundations for future growth.

Projects and change

Safer, faster corporate actions* management

Beyond Excel

Our investment operations team managed corporate actions via a manually maintained excel workbook.

As the business grew and the number of portfolios, custodians, and portfolio managers increased, this solution was an obstacle to scaleability and risk mitigation.

Troubleshooting and change

A cost-effective file moving system for SMEs

Transforming an underpowered solution

Cost and complexity considerations lead many smaller firms to rely on underpowered file moving solutions.

However, as businesses grow, the limits of these solutions are sorely tested. Under pressure they can become error-prone, time-consuming to maintain, and a threat to scaleabilty.

— Operations consulting FAQ

Why would I need a consultant?

In my case, you’ll get fresh, skilful eyes on your business’s barriers to sustainable growth and higher profitability. For most of my clients, these obstacles stem from not knowing how to:

  • update systems and processes that have stopped serving their customers’ best interests and engaging their teams
  • scale-up without blowing budgets, causing chaos, and compromising their values and vision
  • I’ve risen to these challenges innumerable times during a decade of operations management in the global finance sector.

Who are your services designed for?

Most of my clients struggled to find and fund support from practical people with actual operations experience in the financial services sector.

If you’re a boutique financial service provider, I’ll help you:

  • establish solid operational foundations
  • become self-sufficient in managing your own processes
  • adapt and grow in our volatile environment
  • maintain zero margins for error and minimise risk

I also work with start-ups.

Will you disrupt the day-to-day running of my business?

‘No’ and ‘yes,’ but in a good way.

I’ll never interview your team and access your system at times that interfere with the smooth running of your operations.

However, if low morale and poor performance are plaguing your business, I’m going to be very disruptive.

The very idea of working with a consultant makes some people jittery and suspicious. If this is your team, I’ll address their concerns upfront, give them straight answers, and convincing reasons to cooperate in every way they can.

What will I pay?

Nothing until we know we’re a good fit and that I can find a cost-effective solution that delivers the results you need.

I provide fixed-price project contracts and day rate options for troubleshooting and operations audits.

Do you work with start-ups?

Absolutely. If you’d like support to:

  • establish strong operational foundations
  • source and install competitively priced customised mechanisms
  • help your team to be confident and proficient across all your workflows and processes