A cost-effective file moving system for SMEs


An efficient file moving tool is a crucial component in a successful workflow.

Large institutions generally use enterprise-style Managed File Transfer (MFT) software. This software tends to come with a hefty price tag and levels of complex functionality lost on small-to-medium size firms.

Problems of underpowered file moving solutions

Cost and complexity considerations lead many smaller firms to rely on PowerShell scripts often combined with excel macros. These solutions work fine for simple jobs.

However, as businesses grow, the limits of these solutions are sorely tested. A PowerShell script/excel solution can struggle to cope with:

  • A greater volume and variety of files
  • More diverse file sources and destinations
  • An increase in the complexity and volume of jobs

Their underpowered file transfer solutions become error-prone, time-consuming to maintain, and a threat to scaleabilty.

A case in point

Files and data were mainly sent and received from external parties through SFTP then distributed via a PowerShell script/excel solution. The hardworking but highly in demand, IT team maintained the scripts.
The workflow encountered the following problems:

  • Scheduled jobs didn’t run on time, so essential data didn’t move when and where it was needed
  • Time was lost waiting for the appropriate team member to be available to fix issues
  • Logs on the movement of files were limited to a basic .txt file updated throughout the day

In short, the process was unreliable, dependent on IT support, and provided minimal supporting information.

The solution

After extensive research, I sourced an all-in-one automated file transfer solution from Limagito.

This software was extraordinarily competitively priced and provided everything the company needed and more, including:

  • An interface for creating and testing rules and monitoring file movements
  • A connection to the internal database to maintain all logs of actions completed by the tool

Limagito made it easy for the fund manager to:

  • Connect to various sources and destinations – local folders, SFTP, FTP, email, SQL, etc.
  • Move or copy files to multiple destinations, both internal and external, in a single rule
  • Rename files
  • Create local directories
  • Review logs of file moves

I worked with the IT team to install the new tool and migrate all the PowerShell script jobs.

The result

The powerful, flexible solution was exceptionally well suited to my client’s needs. It:

  • Enhanced existing file moves and improved workflows across the entire organisation.
  • Increased the flow of quality data in and out of the fund manager
  • Relieved the IT team of the considerable burden of creating, maintaining, and troubleshooting the PowerShell scripts.

SMEs don’t need to be stuck with underpowered file moving tools. Nor do they need to shell out massive amounts for expensive software with functionality that vastly exceeds their needs.

Need help to source and install an agile, affordable file moving system?